Wall’s Pastry has unveiled a sausage roll made with 50% wholemeal and 50% white flour as part of a duo of NPD designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The Half ’n’ Half Sausage Roll offers consumers all the benefits of wholemeal flour with no impact on the flavour when compared to a standard one, the brand said. They are sold in a pack of six snack-sized pastries with an RSP of £1.50.

Improvements have been made in the nutritional value of Half ’n’ Half Sausage Rolls compared to a standard Wall’s sausage rolls. For example, per 100g, there is nearly 6g less fat, 2g less saturated fat and 43 fewer calories in the NPD. Plus, it contains 1.9g of fibre – a nutritional value that isn’t mentioned in the standard product offering.

However, the biggest saving comes from the serving size. A standard sausage roll comes in at 85g while a Half ’n’ Half one is 30g, so per serving they are 300 calories and 94 calories, respectively.

It is rolling out alongside Sausage Thins – sausage meat sandwiched in thin puff pastry – which contain 70 calories per thin. Sold in packs of five with an RSP of £1.50, they boast reduced saturated fat, meaning they don’t fall under the red traffic light of the UK’s recommended daily allowance.

“We know innovation is key for us in driving sales and increasing penetration in untapped markets,” said Michael Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry. “With our Wall’s Sausage Thins and Wall’s Half ’n’ Half, we’re confident that these new launches will help to incrementally increase our market share.”

Both pieces of NPD will be supported by a ‘wide scale’ marketing campaign, comprising print, broadcast and outdoor advertising alongside on-pack promotions from June.

The trend for thin versions of baked goods has been gaining pace in recent years as manufacturers look to cut calories, sugar and fat in their products, often opting for smaller portion sizes to achieve this. It’s popular in the biscuits category with McVitie’s Thins and Oreo Thins the first and second best-selling NPD in the category in 2017, respectively, amassing combined sales of more than £23m.

On the savoury side, Warrens Bakery launched Pie Thins as part of its lower-calorie Good Taste Range at the start of the year. However, it has been falling out of favour in the bread category with a significant slump in sales of sandwich thins over the past couple of years.

The NPD comes less than one week after Wall’s owner Addo Food Group announced a deal with Adelie Foods which will see its pastry products distributed to c-stores alongside Adelie’s Urban Eat food-to-go range.