Allied Bakeries, owner of brand Kingsmill, has announced that it will now be using 100% sustainably sourced palm oil.

Since the bakery joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil in 2010 it has made a continued effort to change to using sustainable palm oil.

Sustainable palm oil is either sourced through segregation (SG), which is the strictest standard of RSPO certified oil, or through mass balance (MB).

Allied Bakeries now uses 90% SG and 10% MB, with an aim to be 100% SG eventually.

Nicky Gillett, nutrition and health development manager at Allied Bakeries, said: “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far with our palm targets and we’re determined to continue taking positive steps to move towards full segregation. While Book & Claim is beneficial, we believe it’s a stepping stone not a final solution.

“Sourcing sustainable palm is extremely important to our business because we know it matters to our customers and leads to a sustainable global farming system and environment. Our aim is to continue working closely with our suppliers and the industry to ensure the message about using sustainably sourced palm oil is taken on board across our whole supply chain.”