CSM Vegan muffins

Source: CSM Ingredients

CSM Ingredients supplies vegan cake mixes

Bakers are being urged to expand their product ranges to meet growing demand for plant-based food.

Veganuary, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, is less than two weeks away and organisers are again hoping to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a vegan lifestyle for at least one month.

Citing data from market research firm FMCG Gurus, CSM Ingredients pointed out that 18% of UK consumers are planning to increase their intake of plant-based food and drink over the next 12 months and that bakers should aim to meet this demand.

CSM also stated that recent research had found consumers expect brands and businesses to behave in a more sustainable way, and to mirror consumers’ own lifestyles, attitudes and outlook on life.

In study released in September, Veganuary organisers revealed that, six months on from this year’s Veganuary event, 28% who went vegan for a month are now eating a fully vegan diet, and 37% are eating at least 75% less meat and other animal products than they were.

“There are more people than ever committing to a diet that drastically increases consumption of plant-based products and it’s key that bakers can meet these needs with a robust plant-based product range,” said Miriam Bernhart, marketing director for Bread & Pastry Solutions at CSM Ingredients.

“It’s important to note that it’s not just for Veganuary, it’s everyday, 12 months of the year that people want to consume vegan products and that means incorporating them into every day product ranges.”

Bernhart added that bakery product line-ups should range from on-the-go foods to celebration cakes to meet demand and ensure bakers capture the market.

CSM Ingredients supplies two vegan cake mixes and a non-dairy cream designed to help bakers tap demand for plant-based products.