Bakels Creme Cake Mix Caramel

Source: British Bakels

British Bakels is expanding its range of Crème Cake Mixes with three new flavours aimed at the professional bakery market in the run-up to Christmas 2022.

The Caramel, Speculoos and Lemon flavours – which join Plain and Chocolate in the range – require the addition of water, egg and vegetable oil to create a mix suitable for a variety of sweet bakery products including cakes and muffins.

The firm said the products are designed to tap into consumer demand for nostalgia, indulgence, excitement and innovation. The mixes provide comfort and reassurance while putting a creative twist on familiar tastes and formats, the bakery ingredients specialist added.

“Familiar and comforting tastes remain extremely popular with British consumers, especially in the current climate, as we face new challenges with cost of living, and turn to food as the little pick-me-ups that we all need from time to time,” said Michael Schofield, marketing manager for British Bakels. “With our new cake mixes bakers can easily meet the needs of their existing clientele while also attracting new customers at the same time.”

The launch of the Caramel Crème Cake Mix follows the flavour jumping to third place behind milk chocolate and strawberry in Innova Market Insights’ ranking of seasonal and limited-edition flavours. The Speculoos mix has a ‘delicate, spicy flavour’ with autumn and Christmas in mind, while the Lemon version works well in flavour combinations such as lemon and poppy seed or lemon and blueberry, the company added.

“The time is right for our new Crème Cake Mixes,” said Schofield. “According to Innova research, one in two consumers look for new flavours in the supermarket. Research also shows that more than one in four shoppers favour something new and different, and one in five prefer exotic flavour combinations,” he added.

The new Crème Cake Mixes will be available in 12.5kg bags through bakery wholesalers from October 2022.