Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has unveiled a new cocoa powder designed specifically for bakers.

Called Gerkens CT70, it is aimed at creating bakery products that exceed consumer expectations in aroma and chocolate taste, Cargill said.

During development, baked goods made with Gerkens CT70 underwent blind tests, with consumers found to prefer products containing the new ingredient compared to two other best-selling cocoa powders.

Cargill said baked goods prepared with GerkensCT70 were preferred by the majority (54%) of consumers, with the overall preference for the other two products at 24% and 21% respectively. Consumers especially preferred the product made with GerkensCT70 for its taste (51%) and the chocolatey smell (41%).

“When we decided to develop our latest cocoa powder specifically for baked goods, we conducted multiple tasting sessions with our expert tasting panel,” said Dick Brinkman, technical service manager, at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

“These continued until every panel member was convinced Gerkens CT70 would help our customers’ products stand out by delivering a true chocolate experience beyond colour, in both taste and smell.”