CSM Bakery Solutions has created a four-strong range of ready-to-use fillings under its Craigmillar brand.

The fillings are available in luxury chocolate, vanilla with visible vanilla pods, lemon and fruity raspberry variants, all of which can be applied directly from the pail and injected into baked goods.

CSM described them as versatile products with a variety of uses, including filling for doughnuts and muffins or as a sauce on desserts and ice cream. They can be used as a mid-fill, drizzle or topping for cakes, pastries and treats. The fillings are also freeze- and thaw-stable.

“There is an increasing demand for more premium, indulgent products in the bakery market,” said Cristiana Ballarini, category marketing director, pastry ingredients, Europe at CSM Bakery Solutions.

“We’re delighted to reveal our latest product launch, ready-to-use fillings, which will enable businesses to add a touch of luxury to a variety of their doughnuts, cakes and desserts, with little effort required.”

The company noted that using a luxury filling in a muffin brought an added texture that was on-trend in the market and allowed bakers to charge a higher price point and attract a new audience.