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Source: Agrain

Spent grain flour

Warwickshire-based distribution company Daymer Ingredients has confirmed a strategic partnership with spent grain specialist Agrain.

Helping the Danish food-tech firm extend its international footprint, the deal sees Daymer offer Agrain’s flagship range of spent grain flours – made from mashed and malted grains used in brewing beer – to its artisan bakery customers in the UK.

Agrain spent grain flours in bags

Source: Agrain

Varieties of Agrain’s spent grain flour in bags

Naturally high in protein and fibre, the range includes three flour varieties: Pilsner, IPA, and Stout. The Pilsner flour is light coloured and most neutral in flavour, suiting everything from breakfast rolls to pizza, the IPA flour contains caramel maltings from the brewing process for use in products such as carrot cake and kernel buns, while the Stout flour comprising a darker and more complex grains mix with notes of chocolate, coffee, and licorice for the likes of rye breads, the supplier said.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Daymer Ingredients, a collaboration that underscores our commitment to transforming not only the bread and baked goods industry but the general food industry and expands our reach to the UK,” said Aviaja Riemann-Andersen, founder and CEO at Agrain.

“Agrain’s innovative up-cycled ingredients, combined with Daymer’s distribution prowess, will empower businesses in this sector to meet the rising demand for sustainable and health-conscious options”.

The Copenhagen-based company said it works with spent grains based on a definite gastronomic value set, ensuring that the functional flour not only boosts nutrition and imparts numerous technical properties to the formulation of recipes, but also elevates the culinary value of the final products.

By incorporating natural and carefully curated aromas, the spelt grain flour allows bakers to enhance the nutritional profile and sustainability of their products, without compromising taste or quality.

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Daymer Ingredients director James Brace said the company was looking forward to delivering Agrain’s “innovative ingredients solutions” to its B2B customers. “Agrain’s dedication to quality and sustainability aligns seamlessly with our values, and we believe this partnership will drive success and innovation in the UK food industry,” he added.

Daymer said it provides high-quality raw materials with a focus on functional benefits, clear labels, and genuine sustainability claims – these include vegetable fibres, potato flours and starches, malt extracts, chickpea flour, and gums.