Glebe Farm Foods, one of the UK’s biggest gluten-free oat suppliers is to build a new multi-million-pound plant to increase production.

The company told British Baker that production of a second oat mill had begun, which means it can grow its output fourfold and increase its customer base by 25%.

Philip Rayner, joint managing director and technical expert, said: “It’s about meeting customer demand, plus the export opportunities are pretty significant; there are a lot of companies which manufacture in Europe and we want to expand out there.”

The company said it would also be pushing to further improve the quality and number of products, to give bakers the opportunity to increase their own product range.

Rayner continued: “Our main focus is to get the best gluten-free product possible, have a high reliability, as this is essential in an allergy market - when we supply products we always supply undetectable levels of allergies.”

The addition of the second plant means that Glebe Farm Foods will be made up of a 100,000sq ft production area.

The increase in output also means the plant can meet demands from customers looking to produce mainstream products with gluten-free oats instead of the alternative.

The second mill also means the company will have a dual supply of oats, so that bigger companies will have back-up produce.