Edme has hosted several groups of students at its Mistley-based maltings, as it continues to support education in food science.

The company led a tour for students from Manningtree High School, to educate them on how ingredients like wheat and rye can be malted and used in baked goods to add flavour and nutrition.

Edme’s technical director Simon Wooster said: “Our aim is to get students interested in the application of science and engineering in food manufacturing. 

“Edme is a fine example of the supply chain in industry. We use wholegrain cereals grown on local farms to produce ingredients that are used all over the country and worldwide.”

Suffolk New College students also visited the site to meet laboratory manager Gavin Mulligan, and learn about food manufacturing in the industry.

Mulligan helped with the students’ final science project by measuring the moisture within different grains.

Mulligan said: “Our main goal was to help the students learn, but they have proved themselves more than capable of working independently too. We need more fresh minds getting into science, so if they are inspired to pursue a career in the food or manufacturing industries as a result, that’s just an added bonus.”