Irish milling business Kells has launched a new doughnut mix designed to deliver consistent results.

The Sydney Donut Mix requires the addition of yeast and water and has been developed for a ‘no-time dough’ production method. The dough is suitable for scaling and moulding, or sheeting and cutting, said Kells.

The miler added the mix has minimal oil pick-up, no added preservatives, colours or flavours, and results in a “robust and tolerant” dough that produces a doughnut with minimal surface wrinkling.

“Doughnuts remain a consumer favourite and offer bakers and cafes a real retail opportunity, but they can be time-consuming to make and it can be hard to deliver a consistently good result,” said Kells managing director Robert Mosse.

“The new Kells Sydney Donut mix is great example of how we have used our expertise in innovation to create a product that is both easy and relatively fast to make, but with no compromise on the final result.”

Family-run business Kells operates out of County Kilkenny in a building that was built as a mill in 1501. It supplies mixes for a range of bakery goods including bread, scones and cakes.

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