Pan’Artisan has added a selection of gluten-free products to its range of frozen doughs.

The gluten-free additions include dough pucks, vegan naan dough pucks and pizza bases. Pan’Artisan said the new products would tap the growing free-from market, providing its customers with accessibility to the latest dining trends.

Supplied frozen, once thawed the gluten-free dough pucks can be shaped or rolled to create products such as pizza, calzone, bruschetta, topped flatbreads, garlic bread, flavoured bread sticks and street food carriers.

The gluten-free vegan naan dough puck can be rolled out into the classic teardrop naan shape, brushed with oil and sprinkled with chopped coriander to accompany a curry, or filled and used as a carrier for a hand-held snack.

In addition to the pucks, there are two new gluten-free pizza bases, which can be used for topped pizza as well as a garlic bread base. The bases are made from grains including tapioca flour, rice flour and maize starch.

Pan’Artisan’s gluten-free dough pucks are available in 240g and 150g weights, the gluten-free vegan naan dough puck is 150g, and the gluten-free bases are available in 9” and 11” sizes.