The Real Good Food Company has announced a name change as of today (29 September) to Real Good Food plc.

The decision was made at the company’s annual general meeting last week and, as of 8am this morning, dealings will take place under the company’s revised name. The company’s TDIM (ticker symbol), ISIN number and SEDOL code will remain unchanged.

Shareholdings are unaffected by the name change and certificates in the name of the The Real Good Food Company plc should be retained and remain valid. New share certificates issued will carry the new name.

The company’s website,, will remain the same.

Last week Real Good Food negotiated two new supply contracts and vowed to take its complaint against British Sugar to the European Competition Authorities in Brussels. This follows the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) decision not to open an investigation into the company’s complaint against British Sugar regarding unfair competition, after it had not passed the CMA’s prioritisation procedure.

From October, a major supply contract with Suiker Unie in the Netherlands, which develops, produces and markets sugar and sugar specialities, has been agreed, with a contract for a “significant quantity” of cane sugar from Mauritius from 2015 about to be finalised.

Whitworths brand in Asda has been retained for another year and Sainsbury’s will use the company to pack all its private-label sugar, also from October.