Sales of rye have moved into growth, according data from market analysts Nielsen, reversing a decline from the previous year.

Volume sales for the 52 weeks to 5 March 2016 were up 9% and value sales were up 7%, which contrasted with the previous year’s 4% drop in volume and 1% drop in value sales.

One suggested reason behind the rise is the health benefits of the grain, which is wheat-free, naturally rich in fibre and contains minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc.

Rob Hobson, a nutritionist and co-author of the Detox Kitchen Bible Cookbook, said: “Rye is a delicious, wheat-free grain and one of my favourite varieties of bread as it’s incredibly wholesome and can be loaded with an endless choice of healthy toppings such as avocado and smoked salmon.

“This grain is also high in fibre and a great source of essential nutrients including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, all of which are essential to maintaining good health”