Ulrick & Short has launched a new egg replacer for gluten-free bakery applications.

The new ingredient, called Ovaprox F, is the latest addition to the company’s Ovaprox range of egg replacers. Ulrick & Short said it mimicked the textural properties of egg in gluten-free bakery applications.

It added that Ovaprox F, which is free from gluten and dairy and is non-GM, can replace 25% of egg in a range of gluten-free bakery, such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes and pancakes.

“Our egg replacement solutions have come a long way in the last three years, but until now the technologies we had were tailored to traditional bakery. It was the next logical step to develop a product that was tailored to the gluten-free market,” said Emma Walker, R&D technologist at Ulrick & Short.

“Egg reduction in gluten-free bakery is a completely different challenge. As gluten-free products are predominantly starch-based, the trick is to develop a solution that both replaces the functionality of egg while interacting correctly with the starch network. This is the only way to achieve a finished product with the correct taste, texture and volume. Ovaprox F overcomes these challenges.”