International Bakers in Weinheim

Source: National Academy of the German Bakery Trade

Bakers are being given the chance to be among the first bread sommeliers in Britain.

A bread sommelier course that was launched in 2015 by the National Academy of the German Bakery Trade is to be available in the English language for the first time.

The course will give students the opportunity to learn about topics including bread culture and history, world bread varieties and sensory analysis and food pairing. Another key element of the course is the use of language to describe bread.

“Wine is described with very flowery words,” explained academy director Bernd Kuetscher. “Aroma notes are described in detail, as well as the texture of the wine, the drinking flow and many other attributes. With bread, it is often just said ‘tastes good’.”

To help bakers describe their wares the academy developed the Weinheim Bread Language, which offers guidance in how a loaf is described in terms of appearance, crust, aroma, texture, crumb appearance, crumb aroma, mouthfeel, flavour profile and nutrition.

The academy gives an example of loaf of ticino bread described using the Weinheim Bread Language: “This rustic loaf made with Swiss ruchmehl flour is characterised by its chestnut-brown crust. Strong roasted aromas such as coffee and intense malty notes create a unique flavour experience. Inside, you’ll find a surprisingly moist, light crumb and subtle nutty aromas. This Swiss creation is a good pairing for tangy Swiss cheeses such as Gruyère or Sbrinz. Toast an inch-thick slice on the barbecue, rub it with garlic and drizzle it with olive oil for the perfect addition to festivities.”

More than 200 bread sommeliers from seven countries have graduated from the course, according to the academy, which also said they were “celebrating incredible success” in their bakeries.

The English version of the course will include two modules in Germany, live online sessions, self-study, a project and exams at the end of the course.