Campden BMI e-book Supply Chain Resilience

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A new e-book has been launched to help food business operators (FBOs) including bakeries be more prepared, agile, and resilient towards threats to their supply chain.

Produced by research association Campden BRI, the ‘Supply Chain Resilience: Identifying, planning for and overcoming supply chain challenges’ e-book is available for free download.

Campden BMI noted that in recent years, the industry has experienced a range of high-profile supply chain issues including the rising costs of eggs and challenges to its availability in the UK, and the even wider spread disruption to other commodities as a result of the war in Ukraine.

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The e-book aims to equip businesses with the knowledge and strategies needed to ensure the safety and stability of their supply chains. Key elements include:

  • Knowing your supply chain
  • Having systems, processes and procedures in place
  • Ensuring the right culture for resilience
  • Analysing risk and make risk-based decisions
  • Knowing your products, packaging and ingredients
  • Being prepared and looking ahead.

“Whilst there are social and economic benefits to the growth of the food industry, it also increases the opportunity for things to go wrong with widespread implications,” said Andrew Collins, global food safety lead at Campden BRI.

“Supply chain resilience is the application of resilience principles and alignment to best practices, such that a business can protect itself from negative impacts of supply chain threats, as well as benefit from good reputation, efficiency and competitiveness.

“Building supply chain resilience will enable FBOs to effectively handle incremental changes in their macroeconomic environment and within their organisation, as well as sudden disruptions,” Collins added.

Campden BRI is supporting the launch of its e-book with a range of services dedicated to enhancing organisational and supply chain resilience. These include implementing effective food safety management systems, providing expert support for verification activities such as auditing, and offering analytical testing solutions, horizon scanning support and regulatory advice.

In August, the research association published a free-to-download e-book entitled ‘Managing Food Allergens’ to help FBOs ensure allergen information on their labelling is accurate, clear and easy to understand.