Following a dispute with Kilmarnock Football Club, Brownings the Bakers has rebranded the Killie Pie as the Kilmarnock Pie. 

Brownings the Bakers has announced they have rebranded their award-winning Killie Pie – it will now be known as the Kilmarnock Pie.

The rebrand comes as Browning’s 13 year relationship with Kilmarnock Football Club comes to an end on 31 May. The trademark application for Killie Pie is in dispute, and so Brownings will be calling their steak and gravy pie the Kilmarnock Pie.

John Gall, Brownings managing director, said: “I hope that by renaming our pie the Kilmarnock Pie and making its origins clearer to people, Kilmarnock can become as well known for its pies as Forfar is for its bridies and Arbroath is for its Smokies.

“The recipe will stay the same, with the Brownings secret blend of gravy and seasonings, along with finest cuts of meat.”

Tracy Murray, chairwoman of Kilmarnock Business Association, said: “I think it’s fantastic that Brownings are renaming its pie. The pie may be known locally, but a lot of people don’t make the link between ‘Killie’ and the town, so it’s great that a local company is helping raise awareness of Kilmarnock and trying to help boost the local economy.”

To celebrate the launch of the Kilmarnock Pie, Brownings will be donating 10% from every pie sold in its own shops for the first week (3-10 May) to the Ayrshire Samaritans charity.