Roberts Bakery is selling pink packaged wholemeal loaves in local supermarkets in aid of breast cancer, as part of an initiative with Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.

Roberts Bakery of Manchester launched a Lindsay’s Pledge campaign last September to raise at least £50,000 to improve screening for breast cancer. Now, the pink packaged wholemeal loaves are at the heart of the bakery’s latest fundraising scheme.

The initiative has been inspired by Roberts’ family director, family member – and breast cancer survivor – Lindsay Occleston.

Occleston said: “We’re asking everyone in Trafford to help us reach our £50,000 target by buying a wholemeal loaf – every pink pack matters to prevent breast cancer forever.”

The money raised from loaves with the slogan Think Pink and Help Prevent Breast Cancer will be used for research to look at genes which predispose women to breast cancer.

This research, which requires only a saliva test, will allow breast cancer screening to be targeted in the longer term.