Workers at the Hemel Hempstead plant of East Balt Guenther Bakeries are facing redundancy, six months after the Buncefield blast badly damaged the premises and made it inoperable.

The factory had been making burger buns for McDonald’s for over 20 years. It was formerly known as Golden West and owned by RHM before being bought by its current owner in April last year. Since the blast, most of the Hemel Hempstead employees have been working at the firm’s plant in Heywood, Lancashire. Others have been at the Olen factory in Belgium.

The firm has continued to meet all McDonald’s requirements under the new arrangements, but says it cannot continue to meet workers’ travel and accommodation costs. Hemel Hempstead employed over 100 staff.

East Balt Guenther Bakeries hopes to build another bakery in the Hemel Hempstead area, but has yet to decide on a location.