The Real Bread Campaign is looking for bakers, millers and others from within the trade to support its Real Bread Maker Week from 7-13 May.

The Campaign is looking for industry professionals – including equipment suppliers, caterers, retailers and bakery schools – to get behind the Real Bread Maker Week by holding their own open days, workshops or offering discounts to those interested in making their own bread.

Chris Young of the Real Bread Campaign, said: “Just look at TV schedules or bookshop shelves and you’ll see that Britain is in the middle of a love affair with baking.

“We want to encourage members of the Campaign to run events and open up their doors to people who are excited about making their own bread, particularly by hand, and showing that it is much more than just using a bread-making machine.”

Support has so far come from Gilchesters Organics, Marriages and Shipton Mill, which have agreed to offer discounts to Real Bread Campaign members on online sales of selected flours. Ambassadors from the Campaign will also be promoting the week, including Andrew Whitley of Bread Matters and Tom Herbert from Hobbs House Bakery.
The week coincides with National Mills Weekend from 12-13 May, when many traditional wind and water mills around the country will be opening their doors and sharing with people how to get the best out of locally-produced stoneground flour.  
If you would like to get involved, please contact Chris Young from the Real Bread Campaign at