CSM United Kingdom has launched a new Craigmillar Cookie Mix, designed to give bakers flexibility and add variety to their cookie menu.

"With this new mix you control the portion size of your cookies," explained development manager Norman Chappel. "You control the unit cost of your cookies by varying the amount and type of inclusions. You even have the option for soft and chewy or more crumbly cookies all from one mix."

Chappel said the mix offers short mixing and baking times.

The bakery ingredients specialist has also launched Arkady’s new formulation soft roll improvers, available in either paste or powder format. CSM United Kingdom has taken its established Arkady Soft Roll Improvers, such as Pearl 2000 and Softex pastes plus powders, Ultimate 2000 and has reformulated them to create a range of products that will help bakers meet FSA targets for sodium levels, said development manager Flo Lyn.