== Q What is Doughnut Week? ==

A A fundraising week aimed at craft bakers nationwide designed to increase their profits and at the same time raise money for the Children’s Trust charity. This year it runs from 10 May to 17 May.

== Q How can it help bakers increase profits? ==

A Once they register, they are sent point-of-sale information by sponsor BakeMark. They also receive information on how to publicise their business locally, and in the shop. Doughnut Week has run for many years and proved a big success for publicising local shops.

== Q What does the charity do? ==

A The Children’s Trust helps children nationwide who have profound disabilities, often as a result of an accident or illness.

== Q How do bakers register? ==

A Go to [http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/register]. Online the cost is £5 per shop up to £25 maximum for five shops or over. Alternatively, fill in the registration form that recently appeared in British Baker, costing £5 per shop - sorry no max because of added admin and postage - and send cheques for the total. Otherwise, if bakers need to phone, they can call me on my mobile: 07776 480 032.

== Q What if I am not a customer of BakeMark? ==

A It makes no difference, still register please. But BakeMark is offering a free 16kg bag of doughnut concentrate or a box of 36 ready-baked ring doughnuts. Above all, Doughnut Week is fun for staff and great for charity fundraising, publicity and profits - so please have a go!