According to Verdict Consulting, the price of a traditional English breakfast has fallen for the first time in a year. For a family of four, it now costs an average of £16.01 compared to £16.06 last month.

Research by Mintel’s Global Products Database suggests the economic downturn has not created a ’health crunch’ when it comes to new product innovation (NPD), says the Food and Drink Federation, which commissioned the research. Mintel found that nearly 250 reformulated products were launched in the first six months of this year, similar to the same period in 2008.

According to figures from, consumers living in the north east and Scotland are the least healthy in the UK, spending £153 on snacks and cakes and £403 on fruit and vegetables in the north east, compared to £124 on snacks and cakes and £523 on fruit and vegetables in the south. The baskets of 250,000 consumers who shop at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado were analysed via their website.

Food price inflation fell to its lowest level in 14 months according to the latest Nielsen Shop Price Index for the British Retail Consortium, which reported total annual inflation of 0.7% in June, from 1.3% in May. Shop price inflation was driven by food which reported annual inflation of 5.6% in June.