NHS worker starts bakery from home

Leicestershire-based baker Ian Waterland has appeared on ITV as he used to work for the NHS before deciding to set up a bakery from home.

Waterland appeared on ITV Central last night (15 November) to talk about his dramatic career change.

He spent 20 years working for the NHS in Mental Health Services before quitting his job two years ago and setting up a small artisan bakery in part of his home in the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

As part of his ITV appearance, Waterland said: “It was a leap of faith, but I'm very lucky that my wife has supported me to go through that change of career. It was a big decision, we have a 10-year-old as well, so it really was a big decision.

“But you only get one go at it don’t you, and she was really supportive and said if it’s something you really want to do - go and do it.”

Waterland now sells 200 of his home-baked loaves of bread a week from his van in villages in Charnwood, and says he has no regrets about his change of career.

Photo credit: ITV News Central

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