Hovis is rolling out new supply chain technology across all its 23 bakery sites in the UK, which will cut wastage by at least 10%.
The new system, initially trialled at three Hovis bakeries, will provide traceability for every batch of bread baked by the company, using SAP management software, combined with bar-code scanning technology.
Each loaf is scanned at multiple stages along the supply chain, from the production line to delivery at the retailer, according to technology consultancy firm Capgemini, which spearheaded the project. "If the load is not correct or the delivery is not on schedule, an alert will be issued by the system so that problems can be corrected before the delivery is made to the retailer," explained Capgemini’s vice-president of consumer products Anthoula Madden. "Once arriving at the retailer the load is scanned once more and a record of the delivery is logged, providing full visibility for invoicing. Savings are made across the supply chain as loaves do not get lost and perish, resulting in a minimum of 10-15% reduction in waste."
Phil McCallum, director of IT and infrastructure at Hovis parent company Premier Foods, said: "The traceability solution will deliver important benefits, including improved customer service and reduced waste."
l In related news, Premier Foods is to use sustainable palm oil in its products, including Hovis and Mr Kipling, by January 2010.