Have you capitalised on Murray mania? If not, why not?

These feel good events like last week’s historic first Men’s single victory at Wimbledon for someone from the British Isles in, like, a gazillion years are too good for any retailer to miss out.

The canny ones are certainly doing it in bakery. Take, for example, Birds of Derby that last year produced a range of chocolate medals to capitalise on the Olympics and the wow factor of 2012. In London Anthony Kindred was spurred on by the success of Bradley Wiggins (who happened to have learned his trade at the nearby Herne Hill velodrome) in the Tour de France. He produced some Wiggins-style gingerbread biscuits complete with sideburns.

As Nick Harris, the managing director of BFP Wholesale, refers to in this week’s Reporting In column in British Baker, this year is lacking the scheduled big events. But better bakers will be looking at the impromptu, as they tap into the collective spirit that seems to overtake the UK in summer.

The good weather helps. And I know many of you have seen an increase in sales due to BBQs etc. But you could also look further afield. Can you capitalise on the Proms for example? Attend your first ever food fair – or even pitch up at the local fete with a sampling table?

Are there any music festivals near you that you could cater for or provide “emergency ration” packs. Now, more than ever, the consumer looks for an experience. It is why Glastonbury has become the behemoth that it is, as thousands clamour to say they were there. What if they were to say they were there and had a marvellous picnic with your latest sourdough loaf?

Some of the best businesses, and not those just in bakery, are constantly looking at the calendar, looking for a hook or the next opportunity to upsell. Look at the supermarkets for example. It is often said you can know when good weather is on the horizon as the big four advertise booze deals and outdoor gear. Keep one eye on the outside world, as well as your ovens and the chance to upsell will come your way.