J2 Retail Systems, a manufacturer of PC-based touchscreen tills, has launched the first EPoS system to contain Solid State Drives (SSD) Storage as standard.
Its new J2 615 integrated touchscreen computer was designed by the company’s in-house research and development team, and uses the new Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor and Intel chipset, which delivers faster performance and increased reliability, according to the firm.
"An SSD works just like a hard disk drive," explained Norm Campbell, J2 Retail Systems’ chief technology officer and creator of the J2 615. "Its big advantages are reliability, as there are no moving parts to wear out, and its speed of reading from and writing to disk."
J2 supplies EPoS tills to a number of bakery businesses, including Greggs, Bakers Oven, Simmons, Greenhalgh’s, Neil Martin and Thomas of York.