Production of Thomas Collins Vectair Ovens has moved to Lancashire, following Interbake’s acquisition of Independent Bakery Equipment (IBE).

Interbake director David Dunne told British Baker that he decided to buy the Bristol-based company, which has a history dating back to the 1890s, because its ovens are energy- efficient and well-suited to baking pies and pastries - a sector of the market that is currently buoyant.

"We have been the agent for IBE in the north for many years and its ovens have an excellent reputation for reliability and longevity," he added.

The range of Vectair ovens can be fuelled by either gas or electricity and can accommodate nine, 12 or 18 standard 30" x 18" tray capacity.

Interbake will manufacture the ovens at its plant in Ramsbottom, as well as supplying spare parts and service support.

IBE was previously run by Ken Palmer, who joined the business in 1948, aged 22, following his demob from the Grenadier Guards. As part of the deal, he has passed on company literature, such as brochures and work contracts dating back over 100 years, to Interbake.