The Traditional Polish Bakery in Dublin is now supplying 25 Tesco stores in and around the city. Established in 2006, the wholesale bakery, which employs 23 staff, has also gained orders to supply seven other supermarket and convenience store chains, including Spar and Super Valu.

The Polish bakery has had to change its marketing strategies, as thousands of Poles living in Ireland have now left, explained owner Karol Tracz. The departure of so many Poles has left a dent in sales, but the slack has been taken up by Irish consu-mers, who like the traditional taste of the bakery’s products.

Said Tracz: "We haven’t done any detailed research into how many Irish people are buying our products, but I believe that it’s between 20 and 30%."

All the flour it uses is Irish, except for rye flour, which it imports directly from Poland. The bakery produces breads to traditional Polish recipes: Chleb Krolweski (Polish King bread), Chleb Razowy (Polish brown bread) and the Poznanska roll, as well as pastries and cakes.