British Baker is pleased to announce the support of two new experts to its high street awareness campaign, Use Your Loaf.

Emma Jones is the director of campaign group StartUp Britain, which runs the PopUp Britain initiative to help provide retailers with space on the UK’s high streets to trial new businesses.

She told British Baker: “Since we opened our first pop-up shop in Richmond last July, we have seen the benefits to small businesses in that our tenants come into the shop for a fortnight and, in that time, they make sales, meet customers face-to-face, test new markets, and perfect their price point. This is all at a low cost and low risk.

“If you are starting a bakery business, it’s an ideal step to take before committing to a full-time shop. Pop-up shops are also delivering benefits to landlords and the high street as customers are drawn to the entertainment, activities, and interesting products they find within a PopUp environment.”

In addition, Dan Thompson, founder of the Empty Shops Network and author of Pop Up Business for Dummies, has said he is on board with the Use Your Loaf campaign, which aims to equip bakery businesses with advice and tips to helping improve their local high streets and town centres.

He told British Baker that bakery businesses lend themselves to the pop-up concept: “Obviously you would need specialist equipment, but I can see a pop-up site running in addition to an established bakery that may be hidden away to give it more exposure and raise its profile.”

He added that the government needed to do more to ensure the backing from UK councils remained the same across the board.

Join Use Your Loaf

We want you to play your part and actively help improve the current state of the UK’s high streets, but at British Baker we are here to give a helping hand, such as advice that we can ask an expert like Emma Jones and Dan Thompson, who can advise the best ways to set up a pop-up outlet.

In addition, we want to eliminate any problems you are currently facing in your town centres - be it problems with your customers parking near to your shops, or inconvenient roadworks affecting the running of your business. The team at Use Your Loaf will aim to resolve these problems on your behalf.

Why not download one of our Use Your Loaf posters and place it in your shop window to make customers aware of your part in reviving your local high street. This can be found by clicking here.

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