The Rademaker Crusto bread line has been specially developed for large craft and industrial breadmakers to create artisan breads.

Crusto’s cutting tools shape the bread without harming the structure, says the company. The Crusto’s ’cut bread’ technology allows bakers to work with strongly hydrated doughs, such as ciabatta for instance, and also with bulk-fermented doughs, to achieve a high-quality completely artisan look and structure.

For products that need to be decorated with seeds, top and/or bottom, Rademaker has developed a special method. A continuous dough sheet runs over and/or under a moisturising roller, which makes the dough wet. This enables a universal strewer to deposit the seeds on top while a conveyor transfers them to the bottom. Any excess seeds fall down between the topping module and are recycled.

The Crusto can make different size rolls, various shaped loaves and, for rounded products, there is the option of a fully integrated rounder. If required, a special calibrating module can de-gas the dough sheet for toast-style breads. The weighing module ensures very accurate weights, even with difficult doughs, says the company. Rademaker offers 24-hour service helpdesks plus nationwide engineering and technical help, controlled in the UK by its Bolton office.