The trend for making sandwiches at home to save on lunch bills, which has seen sales of sliced loaves soar, has not extended to bread rolls, which saw sales drop in the 12 weeks to 17 May.

Figures from TNS Worldpanel show that sales of packaged plant rolls fell in value by 1.1% to £132.7m during the period, while value sales of ISB rolls fell 6.2% to £46m. Volumes grew 0.1% in plant rolls and fell 14.6% in ISB over the 12 weeks.

The bakery buyer for one retailer told British Baker that the decline could be related to changing weather conditions. "Weather has a tremendous impact on sales of rolls - it’s the ’barbecue effect’," he said. "Bread always does better when the weather is worse, but it will be interesting to see the sales figures for rolls for June. It’s been so hot that it’s bound to help sales."