Pine nuts: Prices from China have stabilised for now, as the positive news on the developing crop takes effect. Buyers are currently able to cover additional requirements at more attractive prices than those seen at the end of 2010. The view is that the combination of both Chinese and Russian optimal crops should secure stable and possibly easier pricing for 2012 deliveries. However, we cannot count on the weather.

Pumpkin: Prices have also stabilised for this seed, as strong Chinese supply this year has produced some correction in pricing. However, increased demand from buyers across a multitude of categories has brought demand to unprecedented levels. So it’s highly unlikely prices will return to the much lower levels seen two years ago.

Sunflower: As previously reported, strong demand and reduced supply from both the US and China have combined to push pricing even higher. Although weather permitting there should be strong levels of stocks available from Eastern European sources this summer, this material will not be of a quality suitable for seeds packers and manufacturing supply, but should ease the demand from the crushers to some extent.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis