The qualifying and selection rounds for the 2011 UK SIGEP Bread Cup Team will take place at the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) annual conference on 12 June.

The conference, which will be held at Alton Towers Conference Centre from 11-13 June, will host four competition classes for the SIGEP Bread Cup: Artisan Bread; Innovative Bread; Cake; and Artistic Bread Centrepiece.

The winner of each class will then go forward to compete as part of the UK team in the four-day live SIGEP Bread Cup in Rimini, Italy, in January 2011.

On this occasion, the selection will not be a live competition but the judging of pre-made products at the selected venue. Two of the five expert judges for the selection of the UK team will be from Club Arti e Mestieri, including head international judge Fausto Rivola.

The UK team will be expected to meet, train, refine and build upon each others’ skills and experiences in order to attain the bond required at this exceptional level of competition.

Competitors may enter one of more of the four classes and entry forms must be in by Friday 14 May.
For more details and an entry form please contact Graham Duckworth: