Starbucks will be introducing a new collection of coffee in selected stores in the US. Clover Crafted Small Batch Coffees will arrive in 10 Seattle stores, before expanding to its Boston and San Francisco markets in the coming months.

"After acquiring the Coffee Equipment Company in April 2008, we asked a small team of coffee buyers to find unique, small-lot coffees, whose flavours are best highlighted using the Clover brewing system," said Scott McMartin, director, coffee and tea education.

According to the statement released, the ability for Starbucks to source small-batch coffees from all over the world "is a key initiative in transforming the company". The coffee menu will rotate on a monthly basis, but September sees the introduction of Costa Rica Agrivid, El Salvador Pacamara, Tanzania Blackburn Estate and Zambia Kasama.

The new menu will only be available in stores with a Clover.


=== Reporting In ===

== Matthew May, president, Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees ==

Finding a suitably qualified and skilled baker/confectioner is becoming increasingly difficult. It is pleasing to see that the industry has acknowledged this skill shortage and has grasped the nettle in an effort to rectify the situation. Without question, The Bakery Academy Steering Group is working hard to address this issue, and I am confident we will end up with a sustainable education and training provision that is relevant for the industry of today and the future.

That said, it is my belief that the industry has two other issues that exacerbate this situation. The first is retaining the current skill and knowledge level of the industry and the second is attracting the next generation into the industry. So how can these dilemmas be tackled, for it is one thing to develop a sustainable education and training provision and quite another to ensure that the industry has the people to educate and train?

One way is for the industry to raise its profile, so that it becomes a viable career choice. The labour market has changed over the years and there is a sense that many of the younger generation prefer careers in the service industry rather than those industries concerned with manufacturing.

How many people both inside and outside of our industry know what opportunities there are for them within it? I coined a phrase in the title of this piece, ’Brand Baker’. Well maybe it’s time that we re-branded ourselves and showcased this industry for what it is. After all, the chefs have succeeded with the catering industry. But maybe we shouldn’t pin all our hopes on the ’Hairy Bakers’!