We all talk about meal occasions, dashboard dining and grazing, but there is a huge opportunity to increase our daily sales by a third. Did you know that 30% of our customers visiting cafés, bakeries or convenience stores are looking to enjoy a snack in between meals? Our colleagues at market research firm him! also tell us that breakfast makes up 9% of bakery sales between 6am and 10am. The majority of customers still want and need to take a break from their busy routines.
But how do you capitalise on that? According to him!, bakery customers spend up to £5.26 in one visit, which can relate to three items. Knowing this, all you need to do is make it easy for your customers to link the products together. Ensure your displays are full and fresh for your busiest parts of the day. Introduce parasite units baskets or containers that fit on to front of counters, displays and shelving to merchandise savoury or healthy snacks, multigrain bars, energy drinks, fruit, nuts and impulse indulgent cakes to tempt customers and increase that average spend. It’s so easy for the customer to say "Yes", when the goods are right in front of them.
So what does the perfect snack offer look like? According to him!’s Coffee Shop Report ’09, 54% of the bakery consumers are health-conscious, 31% would like information about calorific and fat content, with a further 23% interested in nutritional information.
"But what about bakery?" we hear you cry. Well, those products can be healthy too. For instance, why not introduce a freshly baked cereal bar with a smoothie in a meal deal combination. Moreover, 34% of the bakery customers would consider buying a hot soup, which is a perfect snack to offer with rich seeded breads during the cold winter months ahead.
Take a healthier look at your offer and consider how to introduce snack deals, porridge, soups and seeded breads, freshly baked cereal bars, fruit & nuts the list is endless,
Finally, to encourage even more customers in, you may want to consider a small but perfectly formed chill-out area and overwhelm your guests with best-in-class customer service, so that, when that snack attack strikes, they’ll take a break with you!