Subway has cut salt in its ’sub’ sandwiches by a third in the past year as part of healthy eating commitments made with the Food Standards Agency (FSA).
Over 90% (24 out of 26) of the chain’s range of sandwiches now meet the FSA’s 2010 salt targets, with the retailer working to reduce salt further to meet 2012 targets. Reductions have been made by working with suppliers to source ingredients with lower salt levels and removing some altogether, such as pickles and olives.
Bread supplier Evron Foods managed to reduce salt levels in white and brown bread by 8.7% and 7% respectively, to meet 2012 salt reduction targets. This was achieved by using slow-acting yeast to control CO2 and by slowing down the dough thawing and proving process to improve fermentation.
Other highlights from the project include cutting salt levels in the six-inch steak and cheese sub by 45%, from 3.5g to 1.9g, while salt content in the beef sub was reduced by 39% to 1.5g.
Last month, the chain also incorporated salt reduction targets in its guidelines for new suppliers, while serving staff at its 1,400 stores in the UK and Ireland have been trained to ask customers if they are ’all set’, rather than directly offering them salt and pepper.
Other commitments include looking to reduce fat and saturated fat in cheese, pepperoni, salami, meatballs, cookies and muffins, with plans to introduce a range of lower-fat sweet baked goods, such as a ’skinny’ muffin.
Subway was criticised by consumer group Which? earlier this year for the salt content of its six-inch Meatball Marinara, which contained 4.7g. This has now been reduced to 3.3g.