Tetley is to branch out into the world of bakery with the launch of Tetley Tea Folk Scones this week.

Made under licence, by scone manufacturer Haywood & Padgett, the packs of four fruit scones launched in Asda yesterday (Monday 12 September).

In addition to the scones, Tetley also has plans to launch a range of other edible products, including biscuits, which will be initially aimed at the convenience sector before seeking distribution to the major multiples, said the firm.

“This is all about developing Tetley Tea Folk products that are the perfect accompaniment to enjoying, making or thinking about Tetley tea,” said Anand Gandesha, marketing manager for Tetley.

“It is the first time we have leveraged the strength of the Tetley Tea Folk in this way and it will be exciting to see how it develops.”

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