Baker Perkins has developed a new control system for its Tweedy mixing systems renamed Tweedy2. It has been designed so that plant bakers using the system for the Chorleywood Bread Process will benefit from improved consistency and quality, as well as enhanced efficiency and ease of use.
The new controls cover: ingredients handling and weighing, mixing and tub hoist, and can be retrofitted to existing Tweedy installations. The company says that operationally, one of the major gains is more immediate updating of all recipe and process settings. Changes can be made up to the moment mixing starts, whereas conventionally, there may be up to a two-mix delay while settings are amended.
Fault-finding has been enhanced by the filtering of alarms to display the primary cause of a stoppage, but not the consequential alarms. This significantly reduces the time needed for operators to identify and rectify a problem. Process alarms have also been added to alert operators to potential variations that can affect the dough and enables them to prevent stoppages downstream.