United Biscuits (UBUK) is making several changes to its product range. The go ahead! brand is to be relaunched in 2009, with a £3m campaign aimed at capitalising on the trend for healthier snacks. UBUK will also increase the prominence of the brand’s green colour scheme and plans to use the GDA labelling device on the packs.

The branded snack business has reduced the saturated fat content in McCoy’s crisps by a further 30% compared to its 2008 levels, as well as redesigning the packaging and introducing new flavours and formats for 2009. A new Sizzling King Prawn handypack will be available from January and McCoy’s specials flavours, Thai Sweet Chicken and Oriental Ribs, will become part of the core range.

Snack brand, Phileas Fogg, will be making a comeback in 2009. A £2m national TV ad campaign will support the launch of its savoury crisps, tortillas, poppadoms and nuts.

"The New Year sees the biggest demand for healthier snacking alternatives and retailers should be ready to offer their customers products that satisfy this need," said commercial manager, Nick Stuart.