The Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) has confirmed that the latest results from this year’s Cereals Quality Survey suggest the quality of wheat has dropped compared to last year.

The latest Cereal Quality Survey results update is based on analysis of 25,000 wheat sample results. These show that there has been a fall in average GB Hagberg, protein content and specific weight. Average moisture content showed an increase, as anticipated following the July and August rainfall.The latest Hagberg estimates for 2007 show an average of 241 seconds in Great Britain, significantly below last year’s average of 294, but only 0.9% lower than the previous three-season average of 243 seconds.

Nabim Group 1 wheat currently has an average moisture content of 14.5%, specific weight of 76.5 kg/hl, a Hagberg falling number of 250 seconds and protein content of 12.8%.