Gluten-free brand Genius will collaborate with Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Edinburgh to develop new products.

Genius will work on new product developments (NPDs) at the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation at the university.

The department has its own food science lab with a fully-equipped sensory suite, which allows appearance, aroma, texture and flavour of food and drink to be accurately measured.

Dr Julien Lonchamp, from QMU’s Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation, said: “The specific combination of sensory and analytical facilities that we offer at QMU was previously unavailable elsewhere in Scotland, so research work was often sent to England or Northern Ireland instead.

“Through practical innovation support and creative business solutions, QMU is continuing to help leading food and drink businesses, like Genius Foods, with new and innovative product development.”

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, founder of Genius, added: “The partnership with QMU demonstrates our ongoing commitment to producing market-leading gluten-free bakery products.

While an element of our R&D will remain in-house, we are working in partnership with the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation, which will enable us to have an even deeper understanding of the behaviour of our core ingredients. We look forward to working with QMU to take our recipes and product range to the next level.”