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Familiar trigger words in the bakery and snacks sectors include the likes of ‘health and wellness’, ‘better-for-you’ and ‘better-for-all’. But what is behind the consumer preference towards more natural, nutritious, function specific, and environmentally-friendly snacks?

The Healthy Snacking in 2023 Webinar – hosted by British Baker’s sister publication BakeryandSnacks on 25 May – will analyse consumer behaviour, market demand and what producers need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

The rising consumer consciousness also means snacks need to meet nutritional needs, and add functional benefits like increasing energy, controlling appetite, and getting fortification from fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. They should swerve away from the obesity crisis, but still provide guilt-free pleasure and indulgence.

So, can snacks really meet all those criteria?

To dig down and unpack this complex subject, BakeryandSnacks has enlisted a panel of industry experts to share their insight. The 60-minute session delves into the challenges of this megatrend, how it’s shaping consumer behaviour, its forecasted shelf life and what producers should be doing to play their part. It will also cover the technical realities and implications of the trend as it’s not just a simple case of removing fat, sugar and sodium.

The panel includes: 

  • Sebastian Emig, director general of the European Snacks Association
  • Joanne Burns, Reformulation for Health manager, Food and Drink Federation Scotland
  • Blonnie Whist, Insights director, Lumina intelligence
  • Kristy Lewis, founder and chief visionary officer, Quinn Snacks

Moderated by BakeryandSnacks editor Gill Hyslop, some of the topics to be explored are:

  • Snacking has always been a part of consumer lifestyle. It’s quick and convenient, but what is shaping our snacking behaviour in 2023?
  • How is the trend expected to evolve over the next decade?
  • Where does indulgence sit in this new mindset?
  • How is the UK/Scottish Government stepping in to help industry with reformulation? Is there similar support in the EU/US?
  • What are some of the technical/cost/regulatory realities of reformulation?
  • Eating healthy historically comes at a higher price. How has the runaway inflation impacted consumer enthusiasm and snack sales?
  • Advice for small producers looking to capitalise on this trend

Attendees will also be able to put their burning questions to the panel by submitting them upon registration.

It’s live on Thursday 25 May at 4pm (BST). If you can’t make the live event, register anyway. The webinar will be made available to registrants after the broadcast date as an on-demand presentation.

Register here for this free event, which is sponsored by Benexia, Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI), Brightseed, Cargill and Kerry.