starfrost spiral cooler freezer

Source: Starfrost

Scone maker Haywood and Padgett has boosted capacity by 70% through the installation of a custom-made spiral cooling system in its 31,000 sq ft factory.

The arrival of the new equipment, designed, built and fitted by chilling and freezing specialist Starfrost, follows an expansion of the baker’s Yorkshire-based plant.

The system features two Starfrost Helix spiral coolers, each with a double drum that uses one single continuous belt to maximise production. Both Helix spiral systems are designed as ambient coolers for controlled, natural temperature reduction of the bakery’s scone production.

According to the supplier, the coolers deliver a space-saving solution, containing over 1,400 metres of belt while utilising the height of the factory and maximising floor area.

The spiral cooler design allows production to load and unload product from low level without any high-level transfers between drums, simplifying the bakery’s production line and reducing crumb loss of the scone products, Starfrost added.

The Helix spiral coolers’ plastic modular belting uses Intralox DirectDrive technology, designed to eliminate product movement. It works by positively engaging the inner edge of the belt with the drum to drive the system. This allows the bakery to continuously operate the spiral cooler and removes the need to stop production for cleaning – a common downtime issue with manufacturers processing floury products.

“The Helix spiral cooler system has boosted processing capacity by a substantial 70%, which means we no longer have a bottleneck in our bakery, allowing production to run quicker and smoother,” said Andy Harrison, project manager at Haywood and Padgett.

“The Helix system also cools our products individually, which has positively impacted product quality and consistency. The impressive design of the Intralox DirectDrive removes product movement and preserves product shape of our bakery products, as well as eliminating friction issues between the drum and the belt.”