Ishida has launched mid-range multihead weighers for weighing free-flowing and semi-sticky products.

The new Ishida RVE range is available in a variety of formats, including 10, 14, 16 and 20-head models. It also has a selection of radial troughs, hoppers (from 3 to 7 litres) and discharge chutes.

Weighers can be tailored to individual product requirements, with models available for mono-, mixed products that can handle up to four different products and multiple-outlet weighing, and from small to large target weights.

Key to the range’s performance, said Ishida, is the introduction of features including programmable digital filtering and advanced automatic feeder adjustment.

The company added that its RVE WP models offer a unique ‘dew sensor’ and ‘temperature sensor’ option for live monitoring of moisture or extreme temperatures during production. 

Components such as loadcells and drive units are exclusively designed and manufactured by Ishida.

“The new RVE range represents a major step forward in the provision of advanced multihead weighing solutions at a competitive price,” said Ishida’s business manager Ian Atkinson. “The speed, accuracy and reliability of every model will ensure they deliver a fast return on investment.”