Miwe Smartfresh

Source: EPP

A new storage system is claimed to store par-baked goods for up to 10 days.

The MIWE Smartfresh system is designed to enable bakers to store par-baked products, such as bread, for three to 10 days and bake them off as they are needed.

MIWE UK and Ireland distributor European Process Plant (EPP) said Smartfresh not only preserves the freshness of par-baked goods but can improve them. By storing products at a temperature of about 4°C and a humidity of 95-98%, it allows par-baked goods to absorb more moisture each day they are stored. EPP explained this improves the texture, flavour and shelf life of products as they stay fresher for longer.

The interior fittings of the Smartfresh equipment are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel, and the system features a specific blue light (outside the UV-C range) to inhibit mould growth.

The distributor added that, because the system does not require significant changes in temperature, Smartfresh allows bakers to reduce their carbon footprint, limit energy use and save costs over freezing par-baked goods.

“This is a fantastic asset for bakers who want to offer their customers the best possible quality and freshness, whilst also preventing wastage and saving time, money and energy,” said EPP managing director Steve Merritt. “It’s especially well-suited to bakers with a wide variety of single par-baked goods, affording them greater flexibility to bake as needed.”

He added that effective storage could also give bakers more options to choose when they bake, enabling them to avoid awkward night shifts, accommodate public holidays, and bake products as demand requires.

EPP last month announced it had developed a new fruit hydration system to solve fruited dough issues in bakery production. It uses a vacuum tumbler to helps rehydrate dried fruit prior to being added to dough, which ensures the dough does not lose its own moisture.