Bread being taken out of deck oven

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  • Publication date: 6 June 2022
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 11 May 2022
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Ovens are often the biggest energy cost to a bakery business and with costs skyrocketing this feature will explore what bakers can do to keep costs down.

Predominantly focused on craft bakers, the feature will look at what methods bakers are employing to increase the efficiency of their ovens as well as the new options hitting the market.

Key questions this article will explore are:

  • What can bakers do to increase the efficiency of their ovens?
  • How does energy usage vary by type of oven? What impact can an oven’s age have?
  • How is efficiency being built into new models on the market?
  • What options are available for those looking for ovens powered by alternate fuels, such as wood pellets?
  • How much have energy costs risen for bakers and how are they handling the increased costs?

The feature will also investigate how much energy costs have increased for craft bakers and what methods they are employing to manage them. For example, are they signing on to fixed contracts or is variable ones cheaper at this time? Are they increasing their prices as a result?