Biscuits on manufacturing line

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  • Publication date: 6 June 2022
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 11 May 2022
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With HFSS legislation incoming, bakery manufacturers are dialling up the focus on health with some turning to technology to help come up with solutions.

For this feature we’re serving up an exploration of how new and existing technology is shaping the development of healthier baked goods from recipe development tools to new baking technologies.

Current market examples include the steamed doughnuts produced by Urban Legend and lower sugar and fat doughnuts by Baker & Baker.

Key questions this piece will address are:

  • What part does technology have to play in the development of healthier baked goods?
  • Which healthier baked goods have been brought to market thanks to investment in new technology? What makes the technology special?
  • How is existing equipment evolving to handle new ingredients/recipes which may impact the texture of mixes being put through them?
  • Which industries could bakery manufacturers look to for inspiration for new technology?