Supermarkets are stocking fewer cupcake lines (number of SKUs is down around 20% in past two years), and some major café chains no longer sell cupcakes

  • Publication date: 2 August 2017
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 3 July 2017
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Are bakers making the most of the reduced presence of cupcakes at retail and in high street coffee shops?

Topics to be covered will include include:

  • The decline in high street presence of cupcakes.
  • Does this mean retail bakeries are selling more cupcakes?
  • Is there any suggestion consumer interest in cupcakes is declining, or are they simply changing where they buy them?
  • How can retail bakeries ensure they tap the opportunity to grow their cupcake sales?

This feature will also examine what the most popular cupcake flavours are, the latest trends in cupcake creation, and whether concerns about sugar are affecting the cupcake market.