This article will look at the options available to bakeries when selecting and implementing systems to trace ingredients, production and finished goods. In particular, a focus of the article will be on how smaller businesses can make use of commercially available systems.

  • Publication date: 2 August 2017
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 3 July 2017
  • Editorial contact:

Topics to be considered will include:

  • Can small bakery operations with only a single site, or a handful of sites, make use of traceability technology to improve their operations?
  • How can technology improve the ingredients security of a business?
  • What are the key questions a bakery should ask when considering their choice of a traceability software or system.
  • What is best practice for a business when there is a problem with traceability?

The role of weighing in traceability systems

In addition, the article will look at the role weighing play in traceability systems. It will examine how hard is it to integrate a baker’s existing weighing equipment with a new traceability system; and best practice when installing and calibrating weighing equipment